Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home for good reason . It is in this space where family comes together, time is spent and memories are made.

A kitchen is morning coffee , late -night conversation , party epicenter plus coloring books and homework .Whatever your vision , our kitchen remodel will create a family space you’ll love to use and show off .

Bathroom Remodels

For most of us , a typical day starts in the bathroom and ends in the bathrooms. They are amongst the most used rooms in any home .

A bathroom that is too small , has a poor functional layout , or just a upgrade will greatly improve daily life .  J. M. Habitzruther has bathroom- remodeling experience from small cosmetic upgrades to full bathroom overhauls.


J. M. Habitzruther is the leader in rough carpentry ( Framing ) . J. M> Habitzruther has built over 3000 custom homes and over 1000 multi- family and commercial structures . J.M.Habitzruther prides themselves in unmatched quality and craftsmanship with speed and efficiency .



Among green home builders J. M. Habitzruther is recognized as a national leader . We combine building science expertise in green design with specialized green construction crews . From zero-energy and passive homes to green home additions . J. M. Habitzruther has deep experience in green home construction  and green remodeling .


There are few investments in home remodeling or home building that will pay you back over time and green building is one of them .

J. M. Habitzruther house is quieter , more comfortable , more healthy and durable over time . J. M Habitzruther uses Eco- Panel SIP construction .
With proprietary continuously insulated corners , our R40 walls and the only 8.5” thick R60 rated roof panel on the market , Eco- Panels offers a superior
solution for a super- insulated home when compared with traditional double wall framing or EPS panel solutions .


Green Builder

J. M Habitzruther is proud to be the Premier Builder of Eco- Panel Homes

Lets Make Your Dream House With Our Professionals