A successful project must begin with a budget , If you don’t know where to start developing one , thats ok . By working with our network of industry professionals , we can help you put together a project budget that works for you .


Now the fun begins : Design ! During the budget process, we will have touched on this and perhaps already started the design to help develop the budget . Now its time for drawings . DRAWINGS AND BLUEPRINTS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART !


An estimate is a collaboration of figures collected from subcontractors , vendors , and our team . Items such as materials , job specifics, and timeline all play a role in generating your estimate . Construction and remodeling estimates are done in two main ways .




Typically  customers prefer a lump sum estimate , in which we generate a detailed scope narrative outlining and explaining exactly what work we will perform . For unknown costs ( such as tile and plumbing fixtures ) we will provide a reasonable allowance to account for this in your estimate . We go through great lengths to produce an accurate estimate . Our goal is to avoid change orders and we typically succeed .

Another method is a cost plus fee estimate . We provide a line item, detailed estimate . This allows us to start quicker as we can begin with some “ unknowns” and continue to add work as it is done . The drawback with this approach is so many undetermined factors mean no price cap , which makes some clients uneasy . The plus side is you pay raw costs with no mark up ! you pay a flat percentage fee !

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